Diversity Includes Disability

When people think of diversity, they don’t always consider people with disabilities and end up missing out on a pool of candidates brimming with untapped potential. But the truth is, true diversity is embracing all aspects of human difference.

Diversity Recruiting Includes Disability.

You are making
the right decision...

28% higher

and doubled net income reported by companies employing people with disabilities

– Accenture Research

92% customer

rating achieved by firms that employ people with

– Institute For Corporate Productivity.

10.7 million

talent pool composed of individuals with 

– Institute For Corporate Productivity.


in employee retention seen by employers
embracing disability inclusion

– Department of Labor

Why partner with Galt?

Enrich your workforce with
diverse talent and unique perspectives.

the future is diverse.

are you?

Embracing diversity means staying ahead of the curve, keeping pace with demographic changes, and ensuring your business remains relevant and competitive.

are you?

Are you ready to build a stronger workforce, embrace the future, raise the bar, and foster a culture of respect and inclusion?

Our Foundational Values

The Galt Mission

We are deeply committed to building workspaces that provide, promote, and expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


Collaboration is the lifeblood of our partnerships. We collaborate on solutions with a can-do attitude.

All Abilities

We value and embrace everyone for their abilities.

Build a stronger workforce through inclusive talent acquisition.