Frequently Asked Questions

Galt is a nonprofit staffing organization with specialized expertise matching individuals with disabilities to market-wage jobs in the public and private sectors, including jobs in accounting, administrative, food service, general labor, IT, janitorial, healthcare, and light industrial. Since 1998, Galt has been a pioneer in shifting the way individuals with disabilities are viewed by employers and in the workplace. Our vision is to create a world in which every person is valued for their ability.

Galt is a self-sustaining social enterprise, generating 100 percent of our revenue through our staffing and consulting services. When many people think nonprofit, they automatically think of fundraising to support the organization. At Galt, we invest our reserves in the growth of our mission. Our growth and success are the result of meeting client-driven needs while providing, promoting, and expanding employment opportunities for our motivated workforce.

Our employees have a wide variety of work and life experiences, and have one thing in common: they tend to have a job ready mindset. Thanks to our diverse client base, there’s a good chance we’ll find the right match for our employees. There are no firm educational or other requirements, but we set the bar high. The people who come to Galt are among the most motivated, responsible, and hard-working you’ll find anywhere. We conduct background checks and drug tests for our employees aligned with the pre employment screening standards of our clients.

We encourage anyone who is interested in a job with Galt to submit a resume through our website. We follow up regarding next steps which will include an interview so that our service staff can build rapport and understand the applicant’s skills, interests, and work preferences. We match the candidate to the right position and provide mentoring and support going forward.

The ideal outcome is that each employee finds work that is engaging, meaningful, and career-building. Moving to a full-time opportunity from a temporary assignment is our goal it that fits with the employee’s goals. We want all employees to find fulfilling work that contributes to their ability to lead independent lives in the communities of their choice.

Our aim is to match every individual not only with a role that best suits their skills and interests, but with the hours and schedules that best meet their personal needs. Many of our employees work full-time during their assignments, but others prefer to work part-time. Some work in long-term assignments, while others enjoy taking on shorter-term projects.

Our employees earn wages that are standard in the industries in which they work.

We match people with disabilities to jobs in the public and private sectors, including jobs in accounting, administrative, food service, general labor, IT, janitorial, and light industrial.

We work with government agencies, midsize private companies and larger publicly traded companies. We have a strong track record of success, and we’re constantly looking for new opportunities in other geographies. We look forward to working with clients who have difficulty finding talent in the marketplace. We have solutions for unmet talent needs.

We have clients across the public and private sectors. We are happy to work with any organization in need of highly motivated and qualified workers.